The Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Cheat Sheet


Microsoft Word is one of the famous word processing and text formatting  application. It is the one of the most used application of Microsoft Office Setup Suite. As we all know that keyboard shortcuts are the most important for faster workflow in any applications especially while you are on a tight project.

So we are here sharing some of the key board shortcuts for MS Word.

Ctrl+A                                                  Select all content of page.
Ctrl+B                                                  Make bold the highlighted Selection.
Ctrl+C                                                  Copy the Selection.
Ctrl+X                                                  Cut the Selection.
Ctrl+N                                                  Open/Create a New Blank Document.
Ctrl+O                                                  Open File Options.
Ctrl+P                                                   Open Print Options.
Ctrl+F                                                   Open Find Dialog Box.
Ctrl+I                                                    Italicize the Selection.
Ctrl+K                                                   Insert Hyperlink on Selection.
Ctrl+U                                                  Underline the Selection.
Ctrl+V                                                   Paste the Copied Content.
Ctrl+Y                                                   Redo the last performed action.
Ctrl+Z                                                   Undo the last performed action.
Ctrl+G                                                   Open Goto Dialog Box.
Ctrl+H                                                  Open Find & Replace Dialog Box.
Ctrl+J                                                    Justify the alignment of selected text.
Ctrl+L                                                   Align the selected text to the left.
Ctrl+E                                                   Align the selected text to the Center.
Ctrl+R                                                   Align the selected text to the right.
Ctrl+M                                                  Indent the line/paragraph.
Ctrl+T                                                   Hanging Indent.
Ctrl+D                                                  Open Font options dialog box.
Ctrl+1                                                    Single-Line spacing
Ctrl+2                                                   Double Line spacing.
Ctrl+5                                                   1.5 Line spacing.
Ctrl+Right Arrow                              Move cursor one word to the right.
Ctrl+Left Arrow                                 Move cursor one word to the left.
Ctrl+Up Arrow                                   Move cursor to beginning of the line/paragraph.
Ctrl+Down Arrow                             Move cursor to the end of the line/paragraph.
Ctrl+Delete                                         Delete word to right of cursor.
Ctrl+Backspace                                 Delete word to left of cursor.
Ctrl+End                                             Move cursor to end of the document
Ctrl+Home                                          Move cursor to beginning of the document
Ctrl+Spacebar                                    Reset the highlighted text to default font.
Ctrl+Shift+F                                       Open Font options dialog box.
Ctrl+Shift+> or Ctrl+]                      Increase the selected text font +1
Ctrl+shift+< or Ctrl+[                       Decrease the selected text font -1
Ctrl+Shift+*                                        Show or Hide the non-printing characters
Ctrl+Alt+1                                            Change the selected text to Heading 1
Ctrl+Alt+2                                           Change the selected text to Heading 1
Ctrl+Alt+2                                           Change the selected text to Heading 2
Ctrl+Alt+3                                            Change the selected text to Heading 3
F1                                                            Open help.
Shift+F3                                               Change case of selected text.
Shift+Insert                                         Paste.
F4                                                           Repeat the last action performed.
F7                                                          Check spelling of selected text or document.
Shift+F7                                             Activate Thesaurus
Ctrl+S or Shift+F12                        Save the current document.
Ctrl+Shift+S                                    Open style options.
Alt+Shift+D                                     Insert the current date.
Alt+Shift+T                                      Insert the current time.
Ctrl+W                                               Close the current document.


How to Setup Microsoft office Online through Toll Free Number

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Top Microsoft Excel Formatting Tips

Microsoft Excel Quick Tips

We all know that ms excel is one the most powerful spreadsheet program and how much important it is for both personal and business purpose. We all the users of Excel want to represent the data in stylized or visually appealing and for this we need to learn or know some of the smart ways to format data in Excel.

So if you are manually entering and organizing data or importing from any other source, the information doesn’t look as we have expected. The data in cells may be not completely visible because the cells do not fit data automatically, the headings does not go bold and there may be many formatting issues according to personal liking. Below we are sharing some of the quick formatting tips to format your Excel Sheet data efficiently or quickly.


Column & Row Width Adjustment:

If you enter a data which is lengthy the excel spreadsheet cell does not expand on their own to fit the entered data, to manually fit your data in column or row just double click on the column or row line between the cell to be auto fit and the cell right to it. Or if you want to fit all the data present in the sheet just hit Ctrl+A and then hover over to any column line and double click it.

You can also do this same thing through ribbon bar. In the home tab go to cell section click on the format option the rightmost on this section and click on the AutoFit Row Height or AutoFit Column Width, the selected cells or block of data will get formatted.

Format Painter:

This is the quickest way to copy the formatting from one cell to another in excel. To use just select the formatted cell, hit or click the format painter button (A Brush Icon) and select the cell on which the formatting to be duplicated and bingo you just copied the formatting with a click.

Freeze Column Headings:

This is one of the most useful tip in the basic tips of excel. If your excel sheet contain hundreds rows of data and you are scrolling through thee spreadsheet it will become almost impossible to track the data when you lose sight of column headings. To keep those headings visible through scrolling, just use the freeze feature of excel.

In the View Tab under Window Section there is Freeze Panes option click on it and click Freeze Top Row.

If you are using version of Excel older than 2007, First select the row just below the headings go to Windows menu and click Freeze Panes.

Now you can scroll without losing the sight of your headings.

Fill Handle to Copy Formatting:

The Fill Handle in Excel is a very handy and powerful tool it can be used for creating series to copying formulas and to copy formatting also within just few clicks. Follow the steps to copy formatting with the help of Fill Handle in a column:

    1. First of all, select the cell from where you want to copy the formatting.

    2. Then double-click the cells fill handle, you will see that the data beneath the selected cell will get filled with the data of the selected cell as a result of default behavior of Fill Handle but don’t worry you can change that and that’s what we are going to do next.

    3. Click the auto fill control option and select Fill Formatting only and you can see how it cancelled the series filled values and applied the formatting only to the destined range.

This option is useful when you have to apply the formatting to long column data and selecting the entire range would be difficult.

The Ultimate Support for MS Office 365

Microsoft Complete Setup Installation Support


Are you want to expand your business, but not possible to pay for more servers? If your answer is yes, then you will be glad to know about the solution, office 365 that can help you stay ahead of the competition, so that you can focus on being better than your competitors. Office 365 is just not only simple to use but it provides it’s a virtual access anywhere to its users, such as anywhere access to their emails, documents and people, so they can quickly respond to their customers. MS office 365 includes services such as Skype for web conferencing and exchange online hosted email for business and added online storage with one drive for business. Office365 include the desktop version of the latest office application suite like Microsoft Word, MS Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher and MS Access, which the users can install across multiple computers and devices including PCs, Macs, Android phones and iPhone.

Office 365 Features:

  • You can edit a document at the same time in Word, Excel and PowerPoint and also see the changes.
  • One Drive for business app created by Microsoft and give 1TB of personal cloud storage for each user that can be accessed from anywhere and that syncs with their PC for offline access.
  • Microsoft will be soon launching a feature that will let you simply click a chat button to begin chatting with anyone working in the document over Skype. If you leave the office document, then you will be able to continue the conversation via Skype on your desktop or phone.

Office 365 Issues:

Though Microsoft offers some more beneficial features like reliability and security but there are some major issues which comes while using Microsoft office 365.

Data Loss: Data loss is often a main concern for MS office 365 customers, because Microsoft’s backup policies cannot guarantee a whole and immediate restore of lost data. The process is long and complicated even when data is retrievable, and retaining policies differ for each application included in the cloud platform.

Messaging Security: Spam filtering is one of the greatest challenges during the office 365 implementation. There are many choices of vendors for layers of security and hygiene for your messaging, some are based on the client and some are the gateway. But when moving to office 365, the options diminish significantly.

Office 365 Migration Challenges: Office 365 migration can be either one of the most easiest things or one of the most challenging. It depends on the size and complexity of the environment you are running on. If you want to perform a migration, it won’t be an easy procedure. For a successful migration, it is required to identify the pieces that are missing in your current environment.

At MS office Helpline, we already embraced the cloud by moving email, collaborating and managing the documents on MS office 365. The office 365 is providing exchange, SharePoint, and office web Apps services, we can say that this platform can effectively manage all communication and association. If you are facing any issues during your office 365 implementation, please feel free to Contact us ( |1-855-441-4419 | Setup Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Overview

This article includes general information about what is, & Microsoft Office 365? What are its main features, how it works, How to renew or activate

Microsoft used the Office 365 as a new brand name for its package of application plus services to provide the productivity software’s to its customers through subscription. The consumers will get the Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud 1 terabyte storage space, 60 minutes per month for Skype with the applications of Microsoft Office suite on windows and Mac OSX.

Microsoft 365 was announced first in October 2010 by Microsoft. It started with a private beta and used by various organizations, after that it made a public beta in April 2011 and then launched on April 2011 for general availability. It was aimed for corporate users and was a successor of Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite. After the release of Office 2013 the new plans were introduced targeting towards various business types as well as for the general consumers who want to use Office applications on subscription basis.

Microsoft 365 includes various Products and Services. You can manage all of the components of Office 365 through the online portal such as adding the user’s manually or import from a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.

Outlook on the Web is a part of subscriptions for business and enterprise version Microsoft 365 which contains contacts manager, task management, calendar application and an email service. You can use the current version of Office applications under some Microsoft 365 plans throughout the subscription period.

Office 2016 setup is now installed as “Click to Run” which allows you to use the applications instantly almost while the files are being downloaded in the background. The updates for the Office 2016 are installed automatically which includes both the security updates and the new major versions of

If your subscription for Microsoft 365 expires, you will not be able to create new documents or will not be able to edit them as the Office applications will enter into the locked mode where you will be able to read, open print the documents but the editing features will be locked till you purchase a new subscription.

Microsoft 365 is having different plans which are target towards different types of market segments and needs of consumers, so that you can get the different features at different prices as:

Personal: This subscription plan is for home or non-commercial use on PC or Mac plus you will get some premium features on one tablet. The additional features you will get are 60 Skype minutes for international calls per month and one terabyte storage space on One Drive. If you are in post-secondary institution, you can get an Office 365 University package which is a four year discounted purchase version of Office 365 and will allow you to use MS Office in two devices.

Home: It is targeted towards general consumers and families, this plan is same as the Personal plan plus you can use it on up-to five devices.

Business: This plan offers applications to be used on up to five computers per user on both Mac and windows.

Professional-Plus: This plan allows 25 users up to five devices per user to use Office 2016 Professional Plus applications. Crash Issues

office setup crashIn the Trend of fast pacing technological world which is full of devices, gadgets, the computer is being one of the most acquired one and has been providing us innumerable important services, is one of them.

If we talk about MS Office Setup Suite, this service or utility is apparently one of the most widely and globally used feature in our computer systems, which is providing us leisure and ease of work on with its fabulous tools like Microsoft word, powerpoint, outlook, onenote, ms publisher, ms excel, etc.

But with the development and advancement is increasing complexity which in turn might create some difficulties and problems to deal with.

One of the most common issues that probably comes sometimes in office setup is the instability or crash issues that may hamper the performance of your running program or make stop responding the system or applications. In this situation, mostly a dialog box pops up to inform that the following error has happened:

The …. application has encountered a problem and needs to close.

In some other cases, the program exits without giving any warning or error message. On the chance where if any of your services freeze or stops responding, you may need to terminate the program through task manager to exit or come out of that problem.

The reason for this kind of instability or freezing issue can be different. Because of which this can be frustrating, disappointing and tedious to detect or determine the root cause of these issues.

So to help you find and resolve that known cause of crash and instability in Office Setup programs, a team of experienced technical support experts from is fully capable & efficient to resolve any such kind of issues in just matter of time.

To sort out all of your problems regarding activation or you just need to do visit the official website of Office Setup.