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Microsoft Office 365 Overview

This article includes general information about what is office.com/setup, login.microsoftonline.com & Microsoft Office 365? What are its main features, how it works, How to renew or activate

Microsoft used the Office 365 as a new brand name for its package of application plus services to provide the productivity software’s to its customers through subscription. The consumers will get the Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud 1 terabyte storage space, 60 minutes per month for Skype with the applications of Microsoft Office suite on windows and Mac OSX.

Microsoft 365 was announced first in October 2010 by Microsoft. It started with a private beta and used by various organizations, after that it made a public beta in April 2011 and then launched on April 2011 for general availability. It was aimed for corporate users and was a successor of Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite. After the release of Office 2013 the new plans were introduced targeting towards various business types as well as for the general consumers who want to use Office applications on subscription basis.

Microsoft 365 includes various Products and Services. You can manage all of the components of Office 365 through the online portal such as adding the user’s manually or import from a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.

Outlook on the Web is a part of subscriptions for business and enterprise version Microsoft 365 which contains contacts manager, task management, calendar application and an email service. You can use the current version of Office applications under some Microsoft 365 plans throughout the subscription period.

Office 2016 setup is now installed as “Click to Run” which allows you to use the applications instantly almost while the files are being downloaded in the background. The updates for the Office 2016 are installed automatically which includes both the security updates and the new major versions of office.com/setup.

If your subscription for Microsoft 365 expires, you will not be able to create new documents or will not be able to edit them as the Office applications will enter into the locked mode where you will be able to read, open print the documents but the editing features will be locked till you purchase a new subscription.

Microsoft 365 is having different plans which are target towards different types of market segments and needs of consumers, so that you can get the different features at different prices as:

Personal: This subscription plan is for home or non-commercial use on PC or Mac plus you will get some premium features on one tablet. The additional features you will get are 60 Skype minutes for international calls per month and one terabyte storage space on One Drive. If you are in post-secondary institution, you can get an Office 365 University package which is a four year discounted purchase version of Office 365 and will allow you to use MS Office in two devices.

Home: It is targeted towards general consumers and families, this plan is same as the Personal plan plus you can use it on up-to five devices.

Business: This plan offers applications to be used on up to five computers per user on both Mac and windows.

Professional-Plus: This plan allows 25 users up to five devices per user to use Office 2016 Professional Plus applications.


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