Top Microsoft Excel Formatting Tips

Microsoft Excel Quick Tips

We all know that ms excel is one the most powerful spreadsheet program and how much important it is for both personal and business purpose. We all the users of Excel want to represent the data in stylized or visually appealing and for this we need to learn or know some of the smart ways to format data in Excel.

So if you are manually entering and organizing data or importing from any other source, the information doesn’t look as we have expected. The data in cells may be not completely visible because the cells do not fit data automatically, the headings does not go bold and there may be many formatting issues according to personal liking. Below we are sharing some of the quick formatting tips to format your Excel Sheet data efficiently or quickly.


Column & Row Width Adjustment:

If you enter a data which is lengthy the excel spreadsheet cell does not expand on their own to fit the entered data, to manually fit your data in column or row just double click on the column or row line between the cell to be auto fit and the cell right to it. Or if you want to fit all the data present in the sheet just hit Ctrl+A and then hover over to any column line and double click it.

You can also do this same thing through ribbon bar. In the home tab go to cell section click on the format option the rightmost on this section and click on the AutoFit Row Height or AutoFit Column Width, the selected cells or block of data will get formatted.

Format Painter:

This is the quickest way to copy the formatting from one cell to another in excel. To use just select the formatted cell, hit or click the format painter button (A Brush Icon) and select the cell on which the formatting to be duplicated and bingo you just copied the formatting with a click.

Freeze Column Headings:

This is one of the most useful tip in the basic tips of excel. If your excel sheet contain hundreds rows of data and you are scrolling through thee spreadsheet it will become almost impossible to track the data when you lose sight of column headings. To keep those headings visible through scrolling, just use the freeze feature of excel.

In the View Tab under Window Section there is Freeze Panes option click on it and click Freeze Top Row.

If you are using version of Excel older than 2007, First select the row just below the headings go to Windows menu and click Freeze Panes.

Now you can scroll without losing the sight of your headings.

Fill Handle to Copy Formatting:

The Fill Handle in Excel is a very handy and powerful tool it can be used for creating series to copying formulas and to copy formatting also within just few clicks. Follow the steps to copy formatting with the help of Fill Handle in a column:

    1. First of all, select the cell from where you want to copy the formatting.

    2. Then double-click the cells fill handle, you will see that the data beneath the selected cell will get filled with the data of the selected cell as a result of default behavior of Fill Handle but don’t worry you can change that and that’s what we are going to do next.

    3. Click the auto fill control option and select Fill Formatting only and you can see how it cancelled the series filled values and applied the formatting only to the destined range.

This option is useful when you have to apply the formatting to long column data and selecting the entire range would be difficult.


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