The Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word Cheat Sheet


Microsoft Word is one of the famous word processing and text formatting  application. It is the one of the most used application of Microsoft Office Setup Suite. As we all know that keyboard shortcuts are the most important for faster workflow in any applications especially while you are on a tight project.

So we are here sharing some of the key board shortcuts for MS Word.

Ctrl+A                                                  Select all content of page.
Ctrl+B                                                  Make bold the highlighted Selection.
Ctrl+C                                                  Copy the Selection.
Ctrl+X                                                  Cut the Selection.
Ctrl+N                                                  Open/Create a New Blank Document.
Ctrl+O                                                  Open File Options.
Ctrl+P                                                   Open Print Options.
Ctrl+F                                                   Open Find Dialog Box.
Ctrl+I                                                    Italicize the Selection.
Ctrl+K                                                   Insert Hyperlink on Selection.
Ctrl+U                                                  Underline the Selection.
Ctrl+V                                                   Paste the Copied Content.
Ctrl+Y                                                   Redo the last performed action.
Ctrl+Z                                                   Undo the last performed action.
Ctrl+G                                                   Open Goto Dialog Box.
Ctrl+H                                                  Open Find & Replace Dialog Box.
Ctrl+J                                                    Justify the alignment of selected text.
Ctrl+L                                                   Align the selected text to the left.
Ctrl+E                                                   Align the selected text to the Center.
Ctrl+R                                                   Align the selected text to the right.
Ctrl+M                                                  Indent the line/paragraph.
Ctrl+T                                                   Hanging Indent.
Ctrl+D                                                  Open Font options dialog box.
Ctrl+1                                                    Single-Line spacing
Ctrl+2                                                   Double Line spacing.
Ctrl+5                                                   1.5 Line spacing.
Ctrl+Right Arrow                              Move cursor one word to the right.
Ctrl+Left Arrow                                 Move cursor one word to the left.
Ctrl+Up Arrow                                   Move cursor to beginning of the line/paragraph.
Ctrl+Down Arrow                             Move cursor to the end of the line/paragraph.
Ctrl+Delete                                         Delete word to right of cursor.
Ctrl+Backspace                                 Delete word to left of cursor.
Ctrl+End                                             Move cursor to end of the document
Ctrl+Home                                          Move cursor to beginning of the document
Ctrl+Spacebar                                    Reset the highlighted text to default font.
Ctrl+Shift+F                                       Open Font options dialog box.
Ctrl+Shift+> or Ctrl+]                      Increase the selected text font +1
Ctrl+shift+< or Ctrl+[                       Decrease the selected text font -1
Ctrl+Shift+*                                        Show or Hide the non-printing characters
Ctrl+Alt+1                                            Change the selected text to Heading 1
Ctrl+Alt+2                                           Change the selected text to Heading 1
Ctrl+Alt+2                                           Change the selected text to Heading 2
Ctrl+Alt+3                                            Change the selected text to Heading 3
F1                                                            Open help.
Shift+F3                                               Change case of selected text.
Shift+Insert                                         Paste.
F4                                                           Repeat the last action performed.
F7                                                          Check spelling of selected text or document.
Shift+F7                                             Activate Thesaurus
Ctrl+S or Shift+F12                        Save the current document.
Ctrl+Shift+S                                    Open style options.
Alt+Shift+D                                     Insert the current date.
Alt+Shift+T                                      Insert the current time.
Ctrl+W                                               Close the current document.